Montreal Massacre Remembered

Twenty-eight years after the horrific mass murder of 14 young women in Montreal, candlelight vigils continue to be held to remember the lives of the 14 female students shot down during class at Ecole Polytechniques on December 6, 1989.

During an emotional remembrance ceremony held at the BSG Campus of the College of the North Atlantic, Executive Director, Janice Kennedy offered somber statistics that indicate that violence against women, particularly in this province is continuing to rise. She went on to say that until we come together as a united front, she fears the numbers will continue to increase. “We need to start the conversation” she continued.

Representing and honouring the young women who lost their lives at the hands of one man who decided that their lives didn’t matter, were 14 Community Studies students who laid a rose 

and lit a candle as a symbol of the life that was. Each were remembered for who they were, not the manner in which they died.

Michelle Felix, Assistant to Member of Parliment Gudie Hutchings, brought greetings on Gudie’s behalf, saying that “Canada is committed to addressing gender-based violence.” She also confirmed that “living a violence-free life is a right.”

Each year at the Dec. 6 Vigil, a second year Community Studies student who portrays exceptional leadership qualities is awarded the Stephanie Cormier Chassion Leadership award in memory of a lady who excelled in this area, giving selflessly to her family, and her community. 

BSG Status of Women’s Council board director, Brenda Dennis announced Daryl Oakley as this year’s recipient. Brenda congratulated Daryl on being a leader in his community and to his peers. During her presentation Brenda spoke of how Daryl regards leaders as people who are passionate about wanting to help, and to get a job done through many things such as inspiration, passion, loyalty and motivation. Daryl says “that leadership is so important because people take on the personality of their leaders.”

Following the ceremony, those attending offered congratulations and socialized in the dining hall over refreshments.

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