Violence Prevention Month: Spread the Kindness

Heart-filled chocolates and flowers are what comes to mind for most when one says February. But, for the Violence Prevention Southwest committee February brings images of pink Stand Up shirts, kind words and messages. Aptly named, the month of love is also Violence Prevention Month. Communities, schools and organizations are all encouraged to spread kindness to each other while promoting anti-bullying messages.

Local coordinating committees in Burgeo, Port aux Basques and Bay St. George host and support many events. Among these are municipality proclamation and flag-raising, Stand Up day in school, social media challenge, hot chocolate message campaigns, offering Violence Action Awareness Training and encouraging local residents and businesses to decorate their window fronts in pink. Whatever the event the message is the same…Spread the Kindness.

Although February has come and gone, the work for this organization continues for the next eleven months and each calendar year thereafter until the message is as expected and steady as the beat of each heart. Spread the Kindness every day, not just for 28 in February.

Check out our Facebook VPM photo album for pics of the many events, organizations, schools and individuals who have vowed to Stand Up against bullying and violence.

February is Violence Prevention Month

Members of BSG Coalition to End Violence, a local coordinating committee under Violence Prevention Southwest, gathered at the Stephenville Town Council on Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2019 to witness the proclamation of February being observed as Violence Prevention Month in Stephenville. A group of 32 youth, seniors, and various community organizations and government officials sat dressed in pink as Mayor Tom Rose charged each of us as responsible for ensuring the message for anti-violence moves forward with us as we go about our daily lives in ou

r respective communities.“We must make sure our voices are heard in society!”

Bernice Hancock, Chair, BSG Coalition to End Violence, thanked all for coming out. “We each have a role, every day let’s remember what we can do and help make our community, our schools and our workplaces violent-free.” Adding, she spoke to the students in the room. “You are the future generation that will help us end violence.” 

Janice Kennedy, Executive Director of the BSG Status of Women’s Council urged that “when someone says that something is not right, believe them! Take advantages of the resources in our community.” She spoke of the recent tragedy in Conne River and told how a red dress still hangs in the window of the Women’s Center in remembrance of all the missing and murdered indigenous women in our country.

Reading the proclamation, Mayor Rose added, “Violence does not just affect the individual but it moves outward with it’s ripple effect felt by many.”



Plans under way for Inclusive Communities Regional Conference

Egale Canada will be partnering with Violence Prevention Southwest to offer a two day training session on how to Create Safe and Welcoming Workplaces, Programs and Services Wednesday & Thursday, October 10-11, 2018 at the Day’s Inn in Stephenville.

Below is an overview of the sessions offered.

LGBTQI2S 101: Creating Safe and Welcoming Workplaces, Programs and Services – Participant Learning Objectives

This full day session includes LGBTQ 101: An Introduction to LGBTQ Identities in the first half of the day.  During the second half of the day, participants reflect, brainstorm and address the challenges and barriers to equitable LGBTQ inclusion and safer space. Participants work through real-life scenarios specific to their environment to develop proactive strategies and solutions for creating LGBTQ inclusive policies, procedures, culture, programs and services in compliance with Human Rights legislation.


Knowledge-Based Objectives

  • Know the LGBTQI2S acronym
  • Understand that norms of gender and attraction are socially constructed
  • Know the 4 categories of human identity (assigned sex, gender identity, gender expression and attraction)
  • Understand how the 4 categories interact
  • Understand the diversity of LGBTQI2S identity and the importance of social location
  • Understand Intersectionality as it relates to LGBTQI2S identities
  • Understand pronoun use

Attitude-Based Objectives

  • Value access to identity labels
  • Value pronouns and why they matter
  • Value accountability in making amends for mistakes

Skills-Based Objectives

  • Participants will be better able to implement inclusive language in their day to day work and personal lives
  • Participants will understand the value of making amends when mistakes are made, and how to positively respond to their mistakes and misunderstandings
  • Participants will be better able to engage and understand the LGBTQI2S community

Trans Community Awareness Full Day Training – Participant Learning Objectives

This six-hour workshop will increase participant’s knowledge of trans identities and trans-specific issues, highlight best practices for inclusion, and help participants understand the experiences of trans folks in their workplaces and communities.

 Knowledge-Based Objectives

  • Know the LGBTQI2S acronym; what is it and what it stands for
  • Understand that gender and attraction diversity are ancient and world wide
  • Understand the categories of human identity and how they interact
  • Understand what trans identity is and the diversity of experience of trans people
  • Understand that common experience of transphobia enables structural forms of transphobic violence
  • Understand pronouns, what they are, and why they matter

Attitude-Based Objectives

  • Value access to identity labels
  • Value safer spaces for trans people by understanding the interlocking impacts of transphobic discrimination
  • Value gender affirming approaches to transition as a process that is self determined
  • Value respecting pronouns

Skills-Based Objectives

  • Participants will be better able to implement inclusive language in their day to day work and personal lives
  • Participants will understand the value of making amends when mistakes are made, and how to positively respond to their mistakes and misunderstandings
  • Participants will be better able to engage and understand the LGBTQI2S community

Registration is required. For more information contact Corinne at 643-2247 or email for more information.

November 20 A day for safety

November 20 is a day most known in Canada as National Child Day, but it is also an annual observance that honors the memory of those whose lives were lost in acts of anti-transgender violence. Today let’s remember the innocence of children and pray for their safety as they grow, for acceptance in their true identity.


Seniors Recognize World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Members of the Bay St. George Coalition to End Violence (BSGCEV) spent several months planning their annual Seniors Kitchen Party in recognition of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

June 15, designated by the United Nations, is recognized world-wide as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Since 2010, the BSGCEV under the Regional Coordinating Committee of Southwestern Coaltion to End Violence hosts an annual kitchen party for seniors.

This event is held in appreciation of our seniors while offering a fun, interactive afternoon of music, fellowship and information.

108 seniors, plus committee members, community resource people and committee members came together on Saturday, June 17, 2017 to pay tribute to the pillars of our community-our senior population.

During the afternoon, seniors were treated to a delicious hot turkey dinner, with celebration cake for dessert to go along with their good cup of tea/coffee. Of course, nothing compliments a good cup of tea like a Purity bickey.

Several information display booths were inviting to those attending and each could walk away with valuable resources regarding their sexual health, programs and services available with NL Power for those living on a limited budget. Other booths offered volunteer and past-time options such as Lions Club, Women’s Center and BSGCEV.

The assembled group were greeted by MHAs John Finn, and Scott Reid. Michelle Felix brought greetings and well-wishes on behalf of the MP Gudie Hutchings and Stephenville Town Councillor Don Gibbons welcomed everyone in from the Bay St. George area.

Guest speakers encouraged everyone to live an active lifestyle. Lisa Henley, Wellness Facilitator with Western Health offered the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, while YMCA fitness instructor Paula Woodfine engaged them in some physical activities that everyone of any age, any medical issue or mobility can do to keep active.

Several dancers with the Twilight 50+ Club got the party started with a couple of toe-tapping numbers with all invited to join in as Overflow tuned up the band for an afternoon of lively music and dancing.

Feedback reports a great time had by all, with many new faces vowing they will be back. Most reported that they were leaving with valuable information and new friendships made.

As one 4th grader so creatively put it on their placemat that colored the tablesetting, “No one ever injured their eyesight, looking on the brigh side of things.” That’s a great way to live each of our days, no matter how many we have. Thank you to all the seniors who have given so much of their time, efforts and energy to be positive role models to our current generation. Hopefully, we’ll make you proud!