Peaceful Communities

Peaceful Communities

(Port aux Basques, Codroy Valley and Coastal Communities)
Working together to promote safe, healthy, peaceful communities.
Who We Are:

A partnership of volunteers, community groups, schools, churches, service organizations, concerned individuals, and representatives from government agencies who live and work in Southwestern Newfoundland.

Our Purpose:

We are committed to increasing awareness of all forms of violence and mental health issues, their impact, and how we can work together to promote safe, healthy, peaceful communities.

Our Role:
  • Educate people about violence and mental illness.
  • Listen, believe, and support anyone is affected by violence, especially young children.
  • Help others be aware of services available for persons affected by violence or mental illness.
  • Encourage people to become aware of what they do or say at all times. Our behavior can be seen/heard/copied by a child.
  • Help people to speak out against racism, sexism, and other forms of violence.
  • Not to tolerate violence in our lives or communities.
Remember, violence and mental health issues are everyone’s responsibility!
How to Contact us:Peaceful Communities

Peaceful Communities
P.O. Box 2226
Port aux Basques, NL
A0M 1C0
(Tel) 709-695-7900

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